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Sri Baba Balak Nath Ji Group Of Temples  -  Miracle In Shah Talai  -  Tapsya Sthali  -  Shah TalaiTemples In Complex  -  How to reach  -  Where to stay  -  Fairs & Festivals  - Daily Pooja  -  Donation



Sidh Peeth Baba Balak Nath is one of the major religious place of worship with historical importance also. The sanctity of Sri Baba Balak Nath is highest amongst the Eighty Four Sidhas.  

Sri Baba Balak Nath Ji is a Hindu deity worshipped specially in the Northern Indian States and generally all over the country and abroad as well. The devotees offer ‘rot’, which is prepared with ‘flour’ and ‘gur’ at the altar of Baba, (if pure clarified sugarcane juice is boiled, what is left as solid is gur which is called jaggery also). Goats are also offered to Babaji as a gesture for his love. Goats are not slaughtered rather they are being fed and taken care of.

Just 4 kilometers ahead of the Deot-Sidh Temple is a small town named "Shah-talai”. It is situated about 55 km off-road Bilaspur on Bhager- Badser road. The ancient name of this place was Changer-Talai. Baba Balak Nath’s worship and grazing of Mata Ratno’s cattle’s, later returning her mattress of Chach, got famous by the name of Chhahtalai which later turned to Shahtalai, where Babaji is said to have practiced Dhyana meditation.

Shahtalai is famous as “Taposthali” of Sri Baba Balak Nath Ji. 

Miracle in Shah Talai

It is told that Baba Ji came to Bachhretu Mahadev from Kurukshetra where he had come with saints at the time of Solar Eclipse. There after Baba Ji came to Shaha Talai and met 'Ratno Mai' - the epitome of 'Dwapra's old woman' who had guided 'Mahakaul Baba Ji'. Thus Baba Ji was to compensate what that old woman had done for Him in 'Dvapra Yuga'. So Baba Ji took the most inconvenient work of Ratno Mai i.e. cow-grazing.

Tapsya Sathali of Sidh Shri Baba Balak Nath Ji

Baba Ji made his shelter below a Banyan Tree. He told Ratno Mai that he would meditate below Banyan Tree and graze the cows side by side. He asked her to leave the bread and 'Lassi' (mashed curd) for him there for eating after meditation. Baba Ji committed with Ratno Mai to work for her so long she would remain satisfied. Everything remained smooth till twelve years. People started complaining the damage to crop field by the cows by the end of 12th year.

Shah Talai Temple

Ratno Mai used to ignore such complaints; but the complaint of village head man broke the patience of Ratno Mai and she started rebuking Baba Ji. At this, Baba Ji took Ratno Mai and village head man to the field and on spot there was no damage at all. Everybody was taken aback by this miracle.

Baba Ji came back to his place of worship and asked Ratno Mai to take back her cows and let him go his way. Ratno Mai out of motherly affection tried to persuade Baba Ji and reminded him about her providing bread and lassi for 12 years. Baba Ji told that he has kept all the bread and lassi safely as he never ate them. By saying that Baba Ji threw away his 'Chimata' on the stem of Banyan Tree and the breads supplied for 12 years came out. He further forcibly threw the same 'Chimata' on the earth and spring of Lassi started coming out taking the shape of a pond and the place came to be known as Shah Talai'.

Temples in Complex

1.                            Temple of Vat Brikash.

2.                            Temple of Chapaties.

3.                            Temple of Chhah Talai & Dhunna.


                                Other Temples:

1.                            Temple of Lord Shiva Ji.

2.                            Temple of Guga Jahar Pir Ji.

3.                            Temple of Kali Mata Ji.

4.                            Temple of Gurna Jharai (1/2K.M. downward from Vat Brikash Temple)

How to reach


Nearest airport-Chandigarh (180 Km from Shahtalai) Daily Flights are available to Delhi and Mumbai.


Nearest railway Station-Una (60 Km from Shahtalai). Daily trains are available to Una.


Shah Talai is connected from District Headquarter Bilaspur, Una, Hamirpur. Bus Services also available frequently to Shahtalai.

On Foot:

Some devotees use to come through boat from Bhakra to Kosarian and thereafter on foot 5 Kms to Shahtalai through Shiv Mandir Bachhretu.


Where to stay

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Hotel Deot-Sidh and various other private hotels ranging from Rs.300/- to Rs. 2500/- per day. Hotel Green Valley, Hotal Anand, Hotel Shivalik, Hotel Pankaj, Hotel Vikas, in main bazaar at Talai, District Bilaspur. H.P.

Fairs & Festival

Though pilgrims visit this religious place throughout the year yet the biggest “Chaitra Mela” from 13th March to 15th April is organized every year in which lacs of people from all over the country and abroad have been participating.

There is considerable increase in the number of devotees on every Saturdays and Sundays. The People come to Shahtalai on saturday, stay for night at Shahtalai and in the morning take bath in “Charan Ganga”, pay their respect in Vat Brikash Temple, Gurna Jhari Temple and other Temples in Shah Talai and thereafter go to Deot Sidh cave. The holy visit is said to have been completed when the devotees first pay their respect in the Temples of Taposthali (Tapo Bhoomi) at Shah Talai.

Daily Pooja

Everyday prayers are held in the morning and the evening. 'Rot' (a bread made of raw sugar mixed with Wheat Flour & Dry Fruit and cooked in Desi or Dalda Ghee or Vegitable-Oil) is offered as oblation to Baba ji. The worship and adoration of Baba ji is performed in local traditions by igniting 'Dhoop' and 'Agarbatti' (perfume-sticks).


1)                     The Temple Trust Shahtalai has not appointed any representative for the purpose of collecting donations in cash or otherwise. Devotees are informed that no donations either in cash or otherwise should be given to anybody personally. This is to avoid deceit as well as to prevent devotees from being cheated by unscrupulous elements.

2)                     Offerings to Shri Sidh Baba Balak Nath Ji in cash or kind should always make at the office against printed receipt.

3)                     Devotees should note that all religious functions and poojas in the premises to be arranged and performed through the office of the Temple Trust. Necessary payments for these are to be made at the office against a printed receipt.

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